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The Oklahoma Baptist Bible Fellowship is on a journey! A journey that is being bathed in prayer and anchored in the Word of God and supported by men and women of faith across the state of Oklahoma!  A journey that is not only being bathed in prayer and anchored in power... but a journey that is bursting with promise! 

We are involved in the greatest work in the world…the work of the local church! It is important to the Lord, to each of us, and to the culture we live in.

The local church is the way God intends to accomplish his mission in the world. It is primarily through the local church that God wants to make Himself known. Of all the evangelism strategies in the world, of all the ministries in the world, none is more central than the local church. 


It’s interesting to note that Paul considered his ministry in an area fulfilled not when every person was reached, but when churches had been planted. Paul knew that the churches there were how the gospel would spread into all of the individual neighborhoods. Local churches do local evangelism. The church is God’s plan, it is God’s mission. It should matter to us because it matters to God. The church is central to the purposes of God and is of benefit to the world around us—even today in our increasingly hostile culture. We need stronger churches! We need more churches!


We invite you to join us in this great journey together as we send the soul-saving, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to every part of Oklahoma, the USA, and the world through the local church.


We want you to stay informed and connected and encouraged. The meetings we have planned will do this. We need each other. We are excited about what God is doing in our state. Not only do we have two new churches being planted but we have a network to encourage and help pastors and existing churches. The Lord can do great things as we work together for the cause of Christ.

Dr. Linzy Slayden

Linzy Slayden

Friendship Baptist Church, Owasso, OK

Oklahoma Baptist Bible Fellowship

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